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Until further notice I cannot take in any unwanted birds, nor supply eggs to new customers. Please do not send money via PayPal, or send emails or texts. Please only contact me by phone.


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Hen Heaven - where the chicken comes before the egg

Sanctuary for Chickens & Turkeys

Hen Heaven is a sanctuary founded in 1996, where over 700 former battery hens and turkeys find refuge. Located in two and a half acres of beautiful and tranquil pastures in Henfield, West Sussex, Hen Heaven is non-profit making, receives no government funding and pays no salaries or wages. We are totally reliant upon the generosity of people like you to save more birds from slaughter. Hen Heaven is run entirely by Linda and her Hens Angels volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of the chickens and turkeys.

Linda with chickens

The birds roam freely, living out the rest of their natural lives at Hen Heaven and laying their 'happy eggs' for visitors to buy from the sanctuary gate. It is a non-profit making organisation. All money is used for the upkeep of the hens.

Battery hens continue to suffer terribly from the inhumane conditions of the factory farming system. But many lucky chickens must now feel that they have literally gone to heaven, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Linda Turvey.

The hens are free to live out their natural lives - without fear of slaughter - often to the ripe old age of around 9 years or more. On a battery farm they'd normally be slaughtered at around 18 months