Hen Heaven


URGENT APPEAL: Fox proof fence

Foxes have breached the fencing at Hen Heaven by enlarging the wild rabbit burrows on the borders of the sanctuary. Hen Heaven is located in a rural area near Henfield West Sussex, surrounded by farmland where foxes thrive.


At night the hens and turkeys are safe indoors, as are those chicken held in coops, but foxes use the numerous wild rabbit burrows to enter the sanctuary during the day and chase our long-term residents.

Linda lives at the sanctuary and works 10 – 12 hours every day of the year, so the hens are normally able to warn her with a very distinctive call if they spot a fox. Linda is quick to act and chases the foxes away, but sometimes she is sadly too late. There are also many rabbits around the boarders of the sanctuary so it is proving impossible to keep the foxes out as new burrows keep appearing.

As a pensioner Linda is getting exhausted chasing the foxes off – although she always makes sure that they know they are not welcome inside the sanctuary.

We need to raise £35,000 to install a fox proof fence. With a fox proof fence not only will the hens be safe from foxes but Linda can put away her “running shoes” for good and any wild rabbits on the Hen Heaven side of the fence can relax in their new “bunny heaven!” A fox proof fence is a 100% cruelty free way to prevent the foxes getting the hens.

Please consider giving a donation no matter how small or asking for our fundraising pack. Our fundraising pack is full of ideas for fundraising and comes with a free DVD "The Chicken Came Before The Egg" a film about Hen Heaven by Anna Reuben. If you would like our fundraising pack please contact Hen Heaven – we do ask for a donation of £1 to cover postage and packing for the pack.