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Hen Heaven eggs (Cackleberries) are laid in the natural, old fashioned way. The hens roam freely, eating the grasses and herbs which give the yolks their colour, so some colour variation may be noticed. Their extra rations contain no animal matter, chemicals, colourings or drugs. Each hen is happy, healthy and chooses when and where to lay her egg.

Not only are the eggs completely vegetarian friendly but it means that they are truly "vegan friendly". As a vegan you would actively be saving rescued hens by donating to us or buying our eggs. The sale of our eggs allows us to offer permanent homes to more hens and turkeys in need. If you are a vegan and considering eating 100% Cruelty Free eggs, please feel free to ring Hen Heaven and arrange to come and see our happy hens and learn about our work.

Free Range Eggs

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Please be aware that if you buy free range or even organic eggs from supermarkets or most health-food shops you are very probably supporting cruel practices.

Even with organic, free-range eggs, many of the birds spend a large part of their year on slatted floors where they cannot scratch or dust-bathe. Between 5,000 and 12,000 birds are kept in each shed causing ill-health from dreadful stress, feather pecking and deformed feet.

When the hens have been laying eggs for a year they are callously caught, crammed into crates and transported for killing in the same cruel way as battery hens. Male chicks are slaughtered immediately after birth as they do not lay eggs - and hens will lays eggs without a rooster present. Sounds more like battery farming, doesn't it?

Mass produced free-range eggs invariably involves cruelty!

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If you care about animal welfare please investigate the origins of your eggs and don't assume free range always means ethical. For cruelty-free eggs, always buy from someone who doesn't get rid of their hens at 'end of lay' and does not slaughter male chicks.

Also, if you care about cruelty to hens, please support us by buying our eggs or donating food, help or money. They cost a little more than mass produced ones but they really are the 'Taste of Heaven'.

Please note: in the autumn and winter, some of our hens naturally go off-lay, and there are fewer eggs available. Would potential new customers please wait until spring before enquiring about buying eggs.