Hen Heaven


Sponsor a Hen, Cockerel or Turkey

You can sponsor a hen, cockerel or turkey for yourself or as a wonderful gift for friends and family for an annual sponsorship of £20.

Captain Beaky, Peggy, Patchwork and Winnie are available to be sponsored.

Captain Beaky Peggy Patchwork Winnie

In return for your annual sponsorship we will provide you with an adoption certificate of your chosen adopted bird. We will also provide a free DVD "The Chicken Came Before The Egg" a film about Hen Heaven by Anna Reuben. You are welcome to come and see your adoptee but please call us to arrange a visit first: it takes many hours to feed and care for all the hens, cockerels and turkeys and we may not be able to get to the gate if you turn up unannounced.

If you would like to sponsor a hen, cockerel or turkey please post your details including name & address, choice of bird and a cheque or PayPal donation for £20 made payable to Hen Heaven. Our contact details can be found here.

If you want to name a turkey click here.