Hen Heaven


Vegans & Hen Heaven

Here are some frequently asked questions about vegans and our eggs.

Are your eggs suitable for vegans?

Our eggs are eaten by some vegans, in fact most of the people who make the trip to the sanctuary to buy our eggs are vegan. We do not say that our eggs are suitable for vegans but that they are "Vegan Friendly".

What do you mean by "Vegan Friendly"?

Our eggs are, unlike supermarket eggs, 100% cruelty free because all the chickens are free to live out their natural lives. They are free to eat what they want and to roam the pastures, dust bathe and sunbathe. If they were not here, they would be dead. For those vegans that are vegan to avoid cruelty, rather than to avoid all animal products, our eggs are Vegan Friendly.

What should I do if I want to buy your eggs for a vegan?

Please check whether they eat 100% cruelty free eggs. We appreciate that not every vegan wants to eat 100% cruelty free eggs. For those that do we are happy to provide our Vegan Friendly eggs.

What about catering?

We do not sell to the shops and as we are a sanctuary our egg production cannot be guaranteed. We therefore do not sell eggs to the catering or shop trade.

I am vegan and I am considering eating your eggs but I'm still not sure.

We welcome vegans (whether they eat our eggs or not) to come and see the happy hens at the sanctuary and we are happy to show you round. Please call before you visit as we work constantly to look after the hens and feeding time can take many hours. By buying our eggs you will be actively saving more hens and turkeys from slaughter.