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We are raising £35,000 for a fox-proof fence which will stop wild foxes taking our hens during the day. More » divider


Hen Heaven Video, TV and Newpaper Appearances

hen Heaven has both produced its own video, as well as appeared twice on local and national television. Please scroll down the page for all three videos, or click below to jump directly to a video.

You can also read about us in the national press:

And listen to our radio interviews:

Hen Heaven Video

The Chicken Came Before The Egg follows the work done by Hen Heaven and shows the conditions of the animals immediately after they are rescued, as well as shots of a recently-abandoned battery farm. The film was created by Anna Reuben during her final year at Sussex University.

DVD Version

Please contact us if you would like a copy on DVD. The DVDs are free, but we would appreciate a £1 donation to cover postage and packing.

Watch Video

Please click on the video (below) to play it. You can also view the video on YouTube at http://youtube.com/henheaven

Video (c) Anna Reuben 2008

HenHeaven on TV

In Decemner 2010, we were lucky enough to be invited onto both the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV, as well as have an in-depth interview on our local Meridian News programme. Click the links to view them on YouTube, or see them below:

Alan Titchmarsh, 8th December 2010

Meridian News, 22nd December 2010